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We are a small pet store specialized in caring for Chinchillas. These cute animals will surely win your heart. You’ll fall in love instantly with their irresistible cuteness and charm. Their cottony softness will warm your entire day. That is the reason we call them here, “cottontails”. Our cottontails might not be the conventional pet like dogs and cats, but there are people who would like to care for them and treat them as their beloved pets. Why not? Visit our pet store and see for yourself how amazing these beautiful creatures are. We’ll also give you coupon codes on products, so you can have a wonderful time with your cottontails.

Did you know that owning a Chinchillas have the softest fur? And they are natural acrobats too. They might be small, but they can give you a big good laugh.


Purchasing Your Cottontail

We believe that buying a pet is a responsibility, so as a pet store, we do make sure that our cottontails will be good as pets. They are properly cared for and very sociable. That’s what happens if you do everything in love. So as an owner, you have to give them genuine love and lend them some of your precious time. When you are decided to purchase your very own Chinchillas with a discount, visit our pet store. We’ll teach you the basic care and proper handling of your cottontails. We’ll also recommend the best toys and pet food, so your cottontails will be healthy and happy with your care.

Save a Chinchilla Today

We’re not just a pet store. We also rescue unwanted Chinchilla. Most likely, these Chinchillas are grown-ups that’s why their previous owner already let them go. Another major reason why we have unwanted Chinchillas is they reproduce quite fast, so the previous owner cannot take good care of them anymore. If you buy Chinchillas in our store, you can also adopt unwanted Chinchillas we rescued. They might be adult Chinchillas, they are very sociable and lovable. We also have perks for rescuers, you can shop online using discounts. Every good deed will not be rewarded. Lima Chinchillas salute rescuers with a heart like you. Save a Chinchilla today.


Toys, Pet Food, Cage, and Much More

Lima Chinchillas is complete with accessories and pet care products. Though we are a small pet store, we recognize our loyal customers. Our loyal customers chose us over other bigger pet store because they know that we care for them. We see them more than customers. We see them as our friends. If you are new in the area, go and stop by our pet store. Check our great selections of products plus you get to see these amazing cottontails play.