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Chinchillas are amazing creatures. They have been slowly being introduced as home pets. The truth is Chinchillas are wild in nature, but they can be domesticated. Many were against owning exotic pets as Chinchillas, but our environment is not getting any better. Most of them die due to too much heat and as prey to other animals. It’s not a question whether these should be in the wild, but it is about their survival rate in the wild.

Chinchilla as pets

The overload of cuteness and the furriness of these creatures are enough for everyone to want them as pets and as friends. The good thing is that they can now be taken home and domesticated. You can play and have lots of fun time with your Chinchilla. You can also bathe and clean them using the towel that you can purchase using a Vedia gutschein. Show people how much you love your Chinchillas by getting a necklace and bracelet with an image or picture of them in a locket. You can buy a pair and get a good discount by keying in a New One gutscheincode.


They are Crepuscular

Crepuscular means they are active during dawn to dusk, and slowly decrease their energy during daylight. This is because they are preys. Their clan would rather look for food at night when most of their predators are resting. The dark also favours them as they can easily hide in the woods when other nocturnal animals attack them. Also, they don’t like too much heat of the daylight. They are coated well with fur which keeps them warm during long winter. If you haven’t seen Chinchillas in person, get rental cars coupon code & discounts and visit a pet store that caters them. They are one of the most adorable creatures you could ever meet.

Chinchillas Love Dust Bath

Unlike your other pets such as cats and dogs, bathing means dry. They rather not get wet because their fur is so dense. To clean themselves, they will roll themselves in the dust to get rid of extra oil and dirt. It works like dry shampoo for them. It helps their fur to stay shiny and healthy. Dust bath also gives them a little amount of exercise, so they can shed that extra energy they get from munching. They are too adorable when they are taking dust baths. They roll playfully like little children.


Their Whiskers Help them to Sense

One of the cute things about Chinchillas is their eyes. They are wide and round. But despite their wide, dramatic eyes, they need the help of their whiskers to sense and see. Their whiskers are sensitive to their surroundings. These long stretched whiskers which grow as long as half of their body length tells them when there is danger and gives them an idea where the nearest food is.

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