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You have decided to bring home Chinchillas to your lovely home. So what’s next? Now, that you are a parent of these amazing creatures, you dive into the responsibilities of being like one. The first step to an amazing relationship with your little Chinchillas is providing them with a healthy environment for them to live and have a wonderful time.

Give them a Sacred Space

Every creature on the planet has their own habits and sanctuary place where they can thrive. Since you are a guardian to these amazing creatures, you should give them a sacred space where they can be who they are. There’s always time for cuddle and socialization, the thing is, we tend to overdo them. Designate an area in your home where they can have some privacy. Space should be free from noise and distractions. It’s normal for Chinchillas to get stressed out when there’s too much noise.

The ideal sacred space for Chinchillas is a relaxed, quiet room. If you have children at home that would like to play with these adorable creatures, teach them to make a scheduled playtime. Your children will enjoy playing with Chinchillas even more if you get toys from Kupon Pegipegi. Always supervise them and make it to a point that you are always there when your children are interacting with your pets.

Separate them from Other Pets

Chinchillas are preys in the animal kingdom. They are the target of wolves, tigers, cats, and more in the food chain. They get easily spooked by them. It will take time for these little Chinchillas to adapt to their environment and other pet of yours. Give them time to adjust rather than doing it in a fast-paced mode. They’ll get to a point that they can even play with your other pets. However, always check your other pets as they might harm your little Chinchillas. If you want to make sure that everyone is doing well, you can install CCTV. You can even save money on electronics if you buy online.

A Place Where They Can Scratch

These little creatures love to scratch. They usually thrive in a forest where trees surround the area because their primary food is fruit and vegetables. They usually use their nails to scratch and look for fallen fruits. In order for them to really get along with their new environment, it is crucial that you designate a place where they can scratch. It could be within their cage or a designated scratching post in your home.

Scratching posts are not that expensive when you buy them from code promo You can even make one if you are that resourceful. Another trick you can do to relieve Chinchilla’s urge to scratch is to hide their treats under scraped woods. That way, they can still be like normal Chinchilla’s looking for their food in the forest.

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