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The Small World Chinchillas

Are you looking for a pet but can’t afford to lose your furniture, having too much noise at home, and the big mess? Our little cottontails might be perfect for you. They don’t make too much noise. You don’t even have to watch over them or hire a pet caretaker because they are independent. Be informed though that they are nocturnal. If you can’t think of a pet, then why don’t you take home our Cottontails. They love company, so the more the merrier.

Toys and Accessories

Chinchillas love toys. You can find a great selection of toys at the shop. They are harmless for your cute little fellas. The toys we cater at the shop are organic and free from harmful chemicals unlike with the toys you can buy from online shops like lazada and zalora. Your cottontails will surely enjoy playing with these toys. Don’t forget to buy them some fashionable items like our cute little bowties specially designed for them. Even Cottontails stays at home, there’s always room for them for selfies.

Supplements and More

Signs of a healthy Chinchilla is its shiny coat. If their coat starts to dry or lose its shine, it’s time for you to visit our shop to get some supplements.Our supplements are water soluble. Your little fellas won’t even notice that they’re drinking vitamin water. The flavours are designed to increase Chinchillas’ appetite. We also have medicines specially made for them. But before you buy any medicine, it’s much better if we see your Cottontail’s condition. We need to make sure that the medication is the right one for their illness.

Cages and Tools

When you plan to get Cottontails as pets, make sure that you get the best cage for them. Lima Chinchillas has pre-selected the best cages, so you can only select a quality cage for your Cottontails. They come with special discounts too. If you’re lucky, visit us at the shop and you might win voucher codes.