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Chinchillas have similarities with rabbits, but that doesn’t mean they have the same diet. Chinchillas are susceptible to digestion problems which is why their diet should be rich in fibre. Their diet should consist of 35% carbohydrates, 15% protein, 30% fibre, 4% sugar and no more than 3.5% fat. They need carbs for energy, protein for muscle development, fibre for healthy digestion, while sugar and fat should be the least in their diet. Here is the list of food types, you should never feed to your Chinchillas.


Junk Food and Other Process Food

Junk food contains high amounts of salt and preservatives which, according to studies, are harmful to Chinchillas. Since junk food is fried, they are also rich in fat. Fat should be the last ingredient in your Chinchillas diet. When your Chinchillas have too much fat in their diet, they will develop diseases related to liver and heart. Most cases, Chinchillas that are fed with junk food developed gut stasis. Due to the lack of fibre found in this food type, Chinchillas tend to have difficulties in their bowel movement. If your pet is not pooping for more than 12 hours, let it drink lots of water and take it to the vet.

Juice and Other Sugary Beverages

Chinchillas love the smell of fruit. But that doesn’t mean that you can feed them artificial drinks such as juice and other sugary beverages. Sugar is harmful to Chinchillas. Their liver will convert these extra sugar to stored fat in their liver. Natural sugars found in fruit are okay. But the amount of sugar found in our juices and other sugary beverages is harmful to Chinchillas. You don’t have to even spend money on giving them high-quality beverages. You can let them drink water as a refreshment.

Seeds and Nuts

They are herbivores, but there are certain types of plants and seeds they cannot eat. Experts agreed to never feed them seeds or nuts at all. According to experiments, Chinchillas fed with nuts and seeds developed liver disease. The study concludes that it must be the amount of fat in that food type. Always consult a vet to know more about your Chinchillas’ diet.