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Lima Chinchillas’ In-Store Services

Lima Chinchillas’ partners with three reputable vets to care for our pets at our store. The customers who bought their very own Cottontails from us can also avail our in-store services. Chinchillas are low-maintenance animals, but they are not exempted to health issues and diseases. If you suspect that your cottontail is suffering from any form of diseases, don’t hesitate to bring them to the shop for a checkup.

Dental Services

Chinchillas’ teeth grow throughout their life. The usual problem we encounter related to dental is if when their teeth are not worn down properly. Their teeth may overgrow and grow in wrong positions. If not treated properly, they may hurt their gums and cheeks. If your Chinchillas are making a grinding sound when they eat or if they lose appetite suddenly, bring them to the shop for a checkup. Don’t worry our dental services are done by professionals, and we’ll give you offers & coupons.

Health Checks Package

Our health checks package includes nutritional advice, lab test, and weight monitoring. For a lab test, we will get a sample of your pet’s urine and faeces. Through their waste, we’ll examine the presence of parasites, fat, and would also identify if your Chinchilla is suffering from any form of disease such as anaemia.

De-Sexing Surgeries

Chinchillas easily reproduce. When we say they easily reproduce, we mean dozens of them in less than a year. Female Chinchillas’ reproductive organs mature as early as 8 weeks. If you are a type of person who doesn’t like tons of them, consider de-sexing surgery. It is usually done with male Chinchillas. The procedure is similar to neutering and castration. Since Lima Chinchillas doesn’t want unwanted Chinchillas in the community, this service will have online shops voucher codes. In fact, we offer the cheapest de-sexing surgeries in the area.